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Guitar-Improvisation Guitar-Improvisation

Rated 5 / 5 stars


you are super the fuck did you get BEUTIFUL quality though man.. im so pissed off i use my INSTRUMENT cable, and it has all this static, should i go to a recording room?

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jackie1188 responds:

its just an simple cable, i don't know how it gets so good,but thank you very much.

Piano-Improvisation Piano-Improvisation

Rated 5 / 5 stars


how did you get such GOOD QUALITY?! i heard NO STATIC at all. very nice job well done.

jackie1188 responds:

Its an quite old sony microphone, witch gives fantastical quality, i have NOT mastered this file in ANY way,like equalisation,etc.

Mario64: Water (vocal) Mario64: Water (vocal)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Extremly unique

I never seen this before! And "for no reason" did you make this your self? asin your vocals? or was it electronic? YOu sould make agirl version i think it would sound nicer. I dont hear any super mario tunes in this one. I dont remmeber

LimblessAvenger responds:

in order: yes, no, HELL no I'm a guy, Mario 64 underwater.

[Dud] Zelda-Piano [Dud] Zelda-Piano

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dudidum . . .

Ye NEED a better mic, with your talent you deserve something better. And....

"3) The reason why I record my songs this way is that you can't say "you didn't play that. It's made by a music program"
or something else."

Its good you have pride in your work but you shouldnt let others faulter you. It doesn't matter if they beleive you or not, if they don't beleive you they're being narrow minded. And when they finaly realize you make it they will be in awe. Maybe later I'll buy you an electric piano to take your music career to the next step. Thats later though hahaha!

But yeah, dont let anyone bother you , and if its "i dont beleive you made it!"
HAH! TAKE THAT AS A COMPLIMENT! Anyways keep up the good work. Have you heard of final fantasy? man you shoudl learn how to play those, those songs are beuiful i can play very little of those.

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Dudidum responds:

AHHH the microphone^^ nearly everyone complained about it. Perhaps I really should look for a better one.
>Maybe later I'll buy you an electric piano to take your music career to the next step.<
ROFL! would you? :D If you want to buy me something it should be a GOOD microphone ;)
I'm playing it just for fun so there won't be much career :)

Perhaps I interpreted the complains of Techno7 a bit false. Never mind ;)

I was thinking about to play something from Secret of Mana but FF is also a very good idea ;)

thx for your support ;)

[Dud] Improvisation 12 [Dud] Improvisation 12

Rated 5 / 5 stars


man all your stuff sounds quite similar, are you playing on a grand piano? I duno its weird sounds like your piano's not tuned or something. DO you record with digital camera liek what i do? And hey....

WHAT IS AN IMPROVISATION becuase ipod said he does improvisation, is that "FREESTYLING" in other words?

anyways good job, alllll your songs sound the same , i cant tell any difference. well good, you just need a better recorder man.

Dudidum responds:

Yes they may sound quiet similar because the chords I use are nearly the same but I play it everytime a bit different ;)
I don't play on a grand piano.It's the smaller type of pianos (sry I don't know the exact name ^^) and I know it's a bit out of tune but I hadn't got time yet because it's a difficult and long work.
I can't believe that my songs are SO similar that you can't find ANY differences between them? o_O.

Anyway thanks for you review :)

[Dud] Improvisation 7 [Dud] Improvisation 7

Rated 5 / 5 stars


whoa cool man. I liek your music, you help me work faster. IT fun listening to your stuff while i work on my flasehes. Check it out, i'm curretnly working on secret mansion while listneign to some of your stuff. i should put some of my music up on here too. Hey did you get piano lessons? like can you read sheet notes?anyways back to flash.
check out some of my work ;)

Dudidum responds:

Well I also like listening to my own music ;) and I'm glad I'm helping you working faster on your flashes with my music.
Well I got piano lessons. I stopped taking them, but this doesn't mean I don't play anymore (as you can see ;))
And yes I can read sheet notes but not very well ^^
thanks for your review!

Battle Music - Piano Solo Ver. Battle Music - Piano Solo Ver.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really nice

Hey thats really nice man. HOw ever, how did you get it SO CRYSTAL PERFECT. From electric keyboard to computer, the cords and everything. When i do it... i get static in teh bacgkround...
or do you use programs such as GARAGE BAND, to compose your own music digitaly ?

Thanks. just want to learn more.

Bezo responds:

I created this particular file in Logic Pro Audio, which accepts MIDI input into digital music samples. For this song, I got to test out my new piano sample, the Old Lady (a model 1923 Steinway D Grand Piano sample which acts just like the real thing. Then I used SpaceDesigner, a Logic Pro plugin to recreate an acoustic suitable for piano. My set up has cost me quite a bit of cash so far, but it's been worth it for sure. I can now create professional level music.